Microsoft Office files - Binary files are different

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Microsoft Office files - Binary files are different

Postby jvdlinden » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:56 am

Hello everybody,

Last weekend I have copied a folder from ownCloud to SharePoint Online using ShareGate.
It appears that the ownCloud sync tool was not functioning properly, as some files are present on the users local drives, but not on the server.

I was looking for a reliable way to compare the files stored locally in a folder, with the folder stored in SharePoint Online as the sync status indicators of ownCloud do not function correctly. That is when I found WinMerge.

The first folder (source) I am using is the ownCloud synced folder which is stored locally on the hard drive.
The second folder (destination) i am using is SharePoint Online, accessed through WebDAV as a mapped network drive (T:).

I am performing a test on a folder and I notice that for PDF files WinMerge says they are identical, which they are, but for Office files WinMerge says "Binary files are different" even though they have not been modified by any user.

Please find a link to the screenshot of the comparison uploaded to my OneDrive below:!AkuQtbg2Xtqildd5uUCdH0Jvyzk6mQ?e=u2DQwG

I would like to understand how come, and how I could resolve this behavior.

Many thanks for all help provided!
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